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Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd is an innovative consulting firm created from a diverse team of high qualified engineers, economists, lawyers and highly experienced executives from leading ICT Markets. It was established in 2008.

Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd offers its services in the fields of various High Technologies and selected Niche Technology Markets such as Telecommunications and Information Technology, Cloud Solutions and Services, Digital Hospitality Solutions and Environmental Technologies as well as System Integration Solutions in the regions of South East Europe, Middle East and Africa providing its experience, knowhow and advices to enterprises like Telecom Operators, System Integrators, Vendors and other Enterprises. Offered Services, range from Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Design and Planning up to Project Management, Implementation of any kind of High Technology project in the areas of its expertise.

Today Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd has activities in Southeastern European countries. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and is able to deliver its services in the best possible way with its headquarters located in Cyprus the crossroad of Europe, Africa and Middle East.


High Technology

ICT Systems

Strategy & Business

Smart Cities

Cloud Solutions
& Services

Environmental Solutions

Digital Hospitality

Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd solutions are focused on the provision of Consulting Services, but not only, in the areas of High Technology and Niche Technology markets such as Telecommunications and Informatics, Cloud Solutions and Bio Waste Management including also specialized applications for Environmental Technologies, Smart Cities and Systems Integration Solutions for both public and private markets.

The Services and Solutions Portfolio of Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd cover the needs of any ICT Systems Integration project as well as the needs of any Cloud Technology for Telecom Operators and complete solutions for a Smart City and other Special Technology applications. The people of Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd are experienced in projects like green field investments, launching new services, Network Optimization, Network Security Solutions and other special application infrastructure such as Smart Cities, e-Health and Healthcare, Digital Hospitality as well as entrace in new markets, etc. in the Regions that the Company operates.

Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd believes that Cloud Market is the future. The Cloud services and solutions portfolio of Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd cover the needs of Telecom Operators, Fintech Companies, Cloud providers, Public Companies and Private Enterprises. Digital Governance, Digital Public Services and Cloud Education will be the top sellers in the near future.

Wi&Ca Consulting Ltd also offers services to Vendors and System Integrators in the fields of Promotion, Marketing and Strategy. These services include Market Analysis, Entrance Strategies, Networking with potential customers and partners in the Regions where it is active and many more.


  • Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Market Research – Analysis
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • E – Health
  • International Connectivity, Capacity, Networking Services

Cloud Solutions

  • Telco BBS
  • Telco OSS
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Intelligence
  • Fintech
  • Smart City
  • 5G


  • Cyber Security
  • Venue Management Turnkey solutions
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Telemedicine and e-health
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Metering
  • Hotel Applications
  • Smart Cities
  • Organic Farming & Agricultural Solutions
  • Organic Waste Management Solutions


Open Platform Digital Transformation

Empowering Digital Lives

Venue management, security, payment solutions

International connectivity, capacity, networking and VAS solutions

End to end managed solutions to meet the communications needs

Personalized health and e-wellness

Informatics application development of integrated informatics projects

Wireless Communications

Biologic Waste Management & Consulting

Energy & Waste Management Solutions


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